Kenza Bélaïchouche

Kenza is a young and passionate woman. She is a real shopping expert in every field whether it’s for fashion, decoration or food products. Epicurean by nature, she has a soft spot (not to say obsession) for matcha green tea. With her creative mind and original ideas, she will surely make you want to be the most amazing host to receive your family and friends home.

Tell us about your relationship with Canadel.
I always had a penchant for aesthetics, mainly everything related to fashion and decoration. I studied interior design and then fashion marketing, which led me to meet Marie-Christine. I worked for 3 wonderful years with her in her shoes and accessories shop and it still remains to this day my favourite job. One of the reasons is that I discovered the difference that a healthy, dynamic, positive and rewarding work environment can make. The family values she received were very present within her company and are the same as found at Canadel. I have a full-time job, but I still agreed to work for Canadel without any hesitation. I am very pleased to be able to work with her again and for a local company that cares about its employees, its customers and its impact in the marketplace.

What is the article on this blog that makes you most proud?
The article I'm most proud of is probably the one that determined my place on the team, the first one I wrote: Ultraviolet: ultra easy to love. It was new for me to write about this kind of subject and I caught myself doing it with great ease. All the articles about colours, inspirations and trends are the ones I prefer. I believe that our home is very often a reflection of our personality and that we can learn a lot more about a person by seeing how they live rather than how they dress. I always find it interesting to see how everyone appropriates the major trends to itself, how each one adapts them in their own way in all spheres of their lives.

Do you have a penchant for a particular Canadel collection or style?
I am a very curious, epicurean and creative person. I guess that also makes me a mix and match kind of girl because I have lots of interests. At home, there are as many trendy and new things I bought this year as things unearthed in second-hand shops, from travel or that used to belong to my parents. I would say that my personality is a happy mix of the Downtown and the Champlain collection. I love what is trendy, modern, chic and timeless, but with a little touch from the past. With its mix of materials and shapes, the Downtown collection is perfectly suited to my tastes. On the other hand, I also have a penchant for what is a bit vintage, warm, à la française. I like things that tell a story. The Champlain collection, with its rustic and antique charm, perfectly complements my style.