Warmth and Comfort for Fall

, published on September 18, 2020

Fall inspires change. The greenery of the leafy trees gives way to reddish, orange, and yellowish hues. Fields and gardens gorged with flavor are emptied to prepare for the next harvest. The time has come to plant the tulip bulbs to prepare the flower beds that will burst with color next spring. Now is the time to swap summer dresses for cardigans. We forget the barbecue and the grills and instead perfume the house with the comforting smells of home-made stews from the slow cooker. The festive cocktails by the pool are replaced by hot drinks gently sipped in front of the fireplace.

Fall is also the perfect season to make your space a perfect place for relaxation and cocooning or to enhance your decor for receptions with family and friends over the coming months. The essence of Canadel can be summed up in a few words: hosting is an art. This is why the team has identified some trends, tips, recipes, and activities to bring warmth and friendliness to your home for the next season!

Choose the Right Dining Table

Size, style, colors, materials … Plenty of options are available to you. Dining room furniture is probably one of the biggest investments in your decorating budget. In addition, this piece of furniture is used daily during your family routine or occasionally with your loved ones.

However, there are some questions worth thinking about before you start the shopping spree. The article “Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Space” offers some infallible tips to better guide your dining table selection. For example:

  • Choose a type of table according to the size and shape of your dining room.
  • Think about the light; it is the benchmark for the center of your table.
  • Use this formula to determine the length of your table:

Room length – six feet = maximum length of your furniture

  • Create a useful and friendly place for receptions with family or friends.
  • Add extra chairs or a bench: when not in use in the dining room, arrange them in the bedroom or in the hallway.

A mix of personal influences such as your style, your budget, the available space you have, and your lifestyle will undoubtedly influence the selection of your furniture. Make this furniture the centerpiece of your dining room! Once the decor is to your liking, send out the invitations, and celebrate abundance!

Celebrate the Harvests

The way of life and traditions are specific to each household. However, food, love, and friendship are important parts of Thanksgiving. These celebrations are the perfect time to come together and create new memories or to remember old ones. Joy and gratitude radiate through the homes.

The goal is the family. Keep in mind that the decor should be simple, festive, and fun. From rustic to modern, it is nice to have a home to your image. This time of the year when we pay homage to the harvests. Let the food serve as the centerpiece: a cornucopia, squash with ornaments, or candles with sweet, spicy, and woody fragrances. Add white dishes and touches of gold and copper. Bet on the cocooning atmosphere.

When it comes to dining, the staple turkey, stuffing, cranberry jelly, fall veggies, and pumpkin pie make up the traditional Thanksgiving menu. Here are some key figures for this fall celebration:

Almost 50 million turkeys are eaten in North America.

The average time to prepare for the family feast is 7 hours.

Are you the host of the party? Try not to be too stressed and decorate your table with joy and love while keeping the keyword “sharing“ in mind. Your guests will be delighted.

Add a Little WOW to Your Menu

Details such as place cards or menus deserve a place of honor at your reception. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving dinner, your mother’s birthday, or Halloween, be original. Your guests will be more than happy.

Several options are available to you: an individual creation placed on each plate, a unique menu placed in the middle of the table that all the guests can consult, or quite simply a decorative piece at the entrance to the dining room … But first, a few questions are to be asked to make the right choice:

  • What type of meal will be served?
  • Will the centerpiece be minimalist or busy?
  • Will the menu be printed or handmade?

Take out your pen and make “A menu for everyone.” Play with the colors of your decor. Get inspired by the food that is being served. Let some mystery hang by naming the dishes in a fun way. Search engines are full of original ideas. Here is an example of a themed buffet for Thanksgiving:



Rainbow of freshness for a simple crudity platter

Queen of the barnyard for a roast turkey

Hearts in green for a romaine salad

 Riches of the earth for tasty potatoes

The friend of good wine for delicious cheeses

Orange tenderness for a good pumpkin pie

Cook a Comforting Dessert

Are you looking for hot and soothing dessert ideas made from seasonal fruits? Preheat the oven, take out your kitchen apron, measure out the flour, sugar, salt, and all the other ingredients needed for this mouth-watering recipe, and bake a beautiful cherry and plum turnover pie.

This pastry recipe is easy to make. You can take the opportunity to make it with your children or grandchildren, and even invite the youngest to join in! This gourmet and unifying dessert, accompanied by hot drinks (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate) will fill a wonderful cocooning break during a chilly afternoon!

Assemble at The Table

Like many families, our memories were shaped around a table with moments of laughter, lively discussions, tasty meals, and games of all kinds in good company. The table is at the heart of the family cocoon, from the daily routine with the children to the biggest celebrations with friends and family.

The kitchen is the center of the home. The dining room table is the focal point of the house where what matters is to be together! These precious spaces deserve special attention. At Canadel, we create personalized furniture, and over the years your furniture will become a family gem that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

This fall, make the most of your home. Take the time to indulge yourself in pampering pleasures: chat near a fireplace with your loved ones, sip a hot drink after a comforting meal, or take a walk in the woods with the family. And finally, arrange your living spaces to wrap yourself in warmth and comfort in your home!


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