The Table at the Heart of the Family Cocoon

, published on November 13, 2019

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a house and it’s totally true. So much happens there, but it really is around the table that the sweetest moments of family life take place. Those precious moments when we meet after work or school to finally be together and discuss how our day went.

My children, who are now all grown up, would tell you that the best moments of their days were those when we finally sat down at the table to eat, laugh and chat. We often forget the importance that furniture can have in a family, but I sincerely believe in it. All these meals shared around the table with them have contributed not only to their happiness but also to ours. They have allowed us to give them better help to navigate through the tumultuous years of adolescence.

Simple tips and tricks to follow exist to create these moments. For example, if children have evening activities, then you can settle for certain days of the week reserved for family time. A special time for leisure, to meet together at the table, and not just on Sundays. Opt to eat at the table rather than in the living room and if possible, all family members should be present.

Besides, why not turn a simple Tuesday meal into a festivity? Ask the children to set the table with your favourite cutlery or the Holiday dishes. Light some candles, drink milk or water into beautiful fancy glasses and you’ll see the smiles widen immediately! No time to cook? Order! The important thing is to be together and create these memorable moments.

Our kitchen table has helped to create precious memories over the years, but it wasn’t just for food. At the time of homework and preparing for dinner, my children were seated at the table, which allowed me to better supervise the lessons. But much more captivating activities were also carried out: cookies were made, dough rolled,  we tinkered, painted and made Christmas decorations.

My children still talk about the day they prepared a meal from A to Z, going from writing the menu, to cooking, setting up and serving the table. All that without any damage! If your table has a rustic or aged finish, then it is possible to worry less about the damage that small hands can cause. It will get the most beautiful patina which is perfect because these finishes already have small imperfections on purpose. It is part of the rustic look. A tablecloth or canvas can also protect the surface of your table, so it can be used for something other than to eat.

It is important to choose a table while keeping in mind that it will be part of your life for a few years. Kids grow up and will eventually want to invite friends over for dinner. Your own friends too will likely want to get together at your place sometimes. So if your dining room is spacious, opt for a table large enough for all these activities to happen. There is also a solution to get the best of both worlds. A table with a built-in extension will leave more space free in the room but still give you the ability to seat a larger number of guests when needed.

Modern tables with built-in extensions are beautifully simple: gone were the days when you had to add a heavy panel and then have to adjust it well before pushing to get the desired length. Now all you have to do is pull out the extensions under the table, it’s disconcertingly easy and very useful.

Over time, your table will witness different moments of your life and happy memories lived with friends and family. It then makes sense to choose the right table according to your needs, that will evolve over the years.

Of course, the kitchen is often the heart of a house, but it is around the table that the most memorable memories are forged. From the smallest moments of everyday life to the greatest celebrations, thus making it without doubt one of the most important furniture of your home.



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