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, published on February 27, 2024

2024 dining room trends

Design is a creative and ever-evolving world. As seasons and years go by, trends come and go, always surprising and inspiring us. The arrival of a new year also means the rise of certain styles and the emergence of new trends.

Here are the eight trends or critical design elements we believe will stand out in 2024.

1. A Mix and Match of Materials and Textures

Mix and match has been in fashion for several years, and its influence can be felt in many interior design trends. Defined as the art of mixing styles, colors, patterns, textures and materials, this movement has given rise to some highly original decors.

In 2024, we especially appreciate a combination of materials and textures that balance nature and luxury. Wood, stone, concrete, plaster, rattan, leather, and natural fabrics come to mind. These materials can be combined with metal (gold, chrome and black), glass, Zellige tiles and more. Adding refined materials to an organically inspired space creates a harmonious decor with a unique character. Combining textures can create an exciting and sensorially rich visual variety and also express our individuality.

2. The Raw Wood Look

With the prevailing emphasis on authenticity and warmth in indoor spaces, it’s essential to pay attention to the choice of interior finishes and furniture. To connect with nature and create a home infused with simplicity and tranquillity, we like to draw on the wabi-sabi style, the Japanese aesthetic movement that values the beauty of irregularities and imperfections. Think wood furniture with a raw, rustic finish bearing knots, marks and nicks that either occur naturally or as part of the manufacturing process. It highlights the natural appearance of wood in all its unique characteristics and variations.

Rustic wood style

3. Marble-Effect Porcelain

Marble is a classic in any era. And today its popularity is remarkable. Looking for an alternative to real marble? Choose marble-effect porcelain. Appreciated for its beauty, durability and ease of maintenance, this material was the starting point for Canadel’s new dining room and living room table designs.

While a delicate black-and-white grain is a wise choice, bolder contrasting patterns with caramel accents are making their way into more and more homes.

This material will become the star of your contemporary or Mid-Century decor. Typically minimalist, uncluttered and devoid of pattern, these spaces attract attention with textures and unique materials. Opting for a marble-effect porcelain dining or living room table will add a little sparkle and lots of character to the room.

Mixing styles is one of the best ways to create original spaces that let our personalities shine through, and we especially like adding this material to a rustic home. This is an ideal trick to balance the room’s overall look and bring a delicate and elegant flair.

4. Dark Wood

Much to our delight, another trend we’ve seen is the rise in popularity of darker wood shades. Whether for flooring, kitchen cabinets or furniture, medium to dark brown stained wood is making a comeback. It’s elegant and timeless, adding unparalleled warmth to any space. It goes wonderfully well with light-colored walls, fabrics and accessories to create an interesting contrasting effect and with rich, dark hues to achieve a hushed and cozy ambience. We love it in both contemporary and country settings, in a matte or rustic finish.

modern dining room furniture

5. Smoked Glass

Glass has a long history in interior design. From beautiful, timeless furniture to spectacular lighting and accessories of all kinds, this material is still at the forefront in 2024. While we love clear glass as much for its simplicity as for its refined allure, smoked glass is increasingly present.

We like smoked glass because it retains the brilliance and lightness of traditional glass while adding intensity and depth. The result is both sophisticated and striking.

Another highlight of smoked glass is its adaptability to all types of decor and styles. It is as much the star in a sleek contemporary setting as in a classic, transitional or industrial environment.

6. Curves

Rounded lines and circular shapes are all the rage this year! Partly a modernized reinterpretation of the Mid-Century style and the 1970s aesthetics, furniture with curved lines has recently seen a meteoric rise in popularity. We love this type of furniture for its exceptional comfort, warmth, and potential to create a welcoming, soothing atmosphere. Canadel is taking part in this trend with its Downtown collection and, above all, with brand-new chair, table and buffet models. Also applicable to architectural and decorative elements, curves can be integrated into the form of arched doors or windows, vaulted ceilings, mirrors, vases, sculptures, candleholders and more.

oval contemporary table

7. A Return to Color

We’re seeing the return of colorful, sparkling decors, full of life and personality. The Pantone 2024 Peach Fuzz is a reflection of this trend. This pretty peach hue is both soft and radiant. Whether you prefer to add a dose of vibrancy and energy to your decor with blue, green, orange, yellow or pink accents, consider pastels or darker less saturated shades, which can be introduced with accessories, paint or furniture. The result is a fun, yet peaceful space.

8. Rich, Warm Tones

While pure, cold white was the trend for many years, we’re now turning to soft whites, creams, and greys to warm our homes. Brown, in all its shades, is also making a comeback. Color palettes inspired by nature are taking the spotlight. Neutral tones, such as beige and light or very dark greys, stand side by side with shades of khaki green, burgundy red and deep blue. The aim is to create the perfect balance between light, warm colors and darker, richer tones.

In short, the four watchwords for this year’s hot trends are warmth, vibrancy, individuality and authenticity. We hope this article will inspire you for your next decorating project!


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