Tulips: perfect table decoration

, published on April 7, 2020

The crocus is a pretty bulbous herbaceous plant whose flower is one of the first to reveal its petals in spring. For most people, it is, however, the tulip with its tall stem, its elongated leaves and its pastel or vibrant colours which remains the one which heralds the arrival of warm seasons, the sun and a milder life.

Considered as a coveted luxury and a sign of wealth in the 17th century, the craze for this spectacular flower was such that it was snatched up at a high price, which created a frenzied speculation that eventually engulfed great fortunes. Although the beauty of the tulip was once sought-after, today we still love to see it cheerfully embellish our flower beds.

Of course, the tulip looks great in our gardens, but it looks just as beautiful when it decorates a room in the house. It also has its unique way to brighten up a table, infusing it with a cheerful and spring vibe. Blooming early or later in spring, the tulip will allow you to easily succeed the creation of spectacular floral arrangements. You will be able to use your flowers for several weeks during the months stretching from April to June or even all-year long by buying those from a florist.

In square or rectangle vase, with bulbs or in tube, we suggest three ways to enhance their beauty. By following these few steps and tips, we will help you beautify your home easily with a floral creation of your own vintage that will be worthy of the talents of a real florist!

Flowers Placed Inside the Vase

Magnificent as a centrepiece, this floral creation can also decorate several rooms in your home, offering an interesting transparent effect. Just follow these simple steps for guaranteed success:

  1. First, get clear glass vases of different heights. It is easy to find in discount stores that will suit this arrangement perfectly.
  2. Then, depending on the number of vases you want to garnish, you will need ten to twenty tulips in pots or that you have picked directly from your garden.
  3. If wanted, add pebbles in the bottom of the vases and then pour very cold water or ice. This variety loves cold water and tulips will live longer.
  4. Cut the flowers making sure that they are shorter than the vase they will be put in.
  5. Then, install the tulips in the vases. One, two or three, as you see fit. Place them randomly and spontaneously. Let your creativity run wild without thinking too much about it!
  6. Finally, arrange the vases together for a more striking effect or scatter them around the house to spread the beauty in several rooms!



Psst! The life of your tulips will be extended if you cut them with a paring knife also known as a “potato knife!”

Did you know?

Not all flowers continue to grow after being cut, but the tulip does! You can see it points outside of the vases after just a few days. Take the opportunity to observe this phenomenon with the children! You can note the height of the flower on the vase using an erasable pencil, an elastic band or a sticky paper and compare the evolution as the days pass. You will see their little eyes amazed when they see the rapid growth of flowers!

With Bulbs

The flowers are the ones often catch our attention. However, for a different look that will be even more noticeable, a floral creation exposing the bulbs and the root system can be interesting as it fits with the so-called and very trendy natural aesthetic of today.

Here are the steps to make this very simple arrangement:

  1. Buy clear glass tubular vases.
  2. Remove the tulips from the ground or container and shake them gently to remove the soil. Be careful, this step can be messy! It can be done in a sink, outside if the weather allows it or in a place that will be easy to clean.
  3. Rinse off the bulbs and roots under tap water. Make sure you clean them well and eliminate any soil by ensuring the clarity of the water.
  4. Pour a sufficient quantity of very cold and even ice-cold water to cover the bulb and part of the stem.
  5. Place the bulbs in the vases, more than one per vase may be necessary to allow the flowers to remain straight if this is the effect you desire to achieve.

Short cuts and placed in a cube or glass rectangles

Modern and easy to make, this floral creation is particularly suitable as a centrepiece. Since it is less high, it allows guests to see themselves and discuss with ease while having several delicious dishes alongside them.

  1. Buy a square or rectangle clear glass vase. A longer vase will require more flowers and allocate less space to the table to place dishes on, so think about the menu and the type of service first. On the other hand, this arrangement is quite remarkable!
  2. Fill the vase with very cold or iced water.
  3. Cut ten to twenty tulips depending on the size of the vase with a paring knife, leaving them longer than the height of the vase and making sure to keep the leaves.
  4. Place them in the vase, some slightly tilted towards the outside, on either side of the vase and some straighter.
  5. Place the vase in the centre of the chosen table or piece of furniture.

As there are many varieties of tulips, you have a lot to choose from, including colours and even shapes! In addition to the traditional tulips with pointed petals, there are “peony tulips” which have a double heart with several petals in the centre. Parrot tulips have a curly appearance. Ask your florist who will be happy to show them to you!

Successfully completing a flower arrangement with tulips will no longer be a secret for you. The fabrication of these floral creations will require very little time. In addition, the tulips will add a real breath of freshness and cheerfulness into your home. These arrangements will be wonderful for any special occasion, but why wait? Adding flowers to your home is an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of happiness and colour. So, why do without it?


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  • Elle says:

    We did this simple yet elegant treatment with tulips and tulip bulbs for my daughter’s wedding reception. We used blush tulips and peonies. Dramatic and elegant and saved me thousands of dollars purchasing glassware myself and ordering tulips and peonies from The Farm at Oxford in Chester County PA.

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